Big Dipper® Grease Removal Systems


The Big Dipper® Automatic Grease and Oils Removal System is sold world-wide including The United States, UK, Ireland, throughout Europe, Asia and South America. The Big Dipper® Automatic Grease and Oils Removal System has been available for over 40 years. IP rated 55 models are available. The Big Dipper® Automatic Grease and Oils Removal System is sold to Australia's largest supermarket chain.

The Big Dipper® Automatic Grease and Oils Removal System removes free-floating (non-emulsified) grease & oils from kitchen drain water flows. Grease buildup within a building's plumbing drainage system is a major cause of problems due to drain line blockages. These problems jeopardize normal operations as well as create health and safety hazards within the facility itself. Proper installation of a Big Dipper System can reduce or eliminate grease problems. Use of the Big Dipper assures minimization and/or elimination of costly sewer surcharges and fines through efficient separation and removal of free-floating grease & oils. In addition, the Big Dipper also helps reduce or eliminate pumping and disposal costs associated with conventional grease traps or interceptors. The recovered grease & oils are substantially water-free and are suitable for recycling by local rendering and/or biodiesel companies.

BigDipperTo ensure that food scraps and solids are not forced down sinks, we offer the insink trap which has a basket in the sink and shut off valve mechanism. When the basket is removed for general emptying and cleaning it must be refitted back into place for water to drain away.

What is a Grease Removal System?


The Big Dipper® is a grease removal system to trap and remove grease from commercial kitchens or any where food is being prepared and cooked.

The Big Dipper IS series are point source units and are suitable for under bench installations. We have 4 models in stock - with sizes as follows;

  • W-200-IS equal to 2000 litres or 1 - 199 seat/meals per day
  • W-250-IS equal to 3000 litres or 200 - 399 seat/meals per day
  • W-350-IS equal to 4000 litres or 400 - 799 seat/meals per day
  • W-500-IS equal to 5000 litres or 800 - 1000 seat/meals per day

How does a Grease Removal System work?

The units operates in 2 stages, the grease entering the unit is trapped, then the unit automatically skims the trapped grease into a separate grease collection container. A controller controls the self cleaning operation activating the skimming wheel at the proper time. Cleaned water exits the unit and flows into the drain lines. Incidental solids in the kitchen flow are trapped in a strainer basket for removal. Ongoing maintenance is required - which consists of each day the internal solid strainer and grease container should be checked and emptied as required. Every 3/4 months the unit is required to be thoroughly cleaned by way of a wetvac to ensure all suspended solids and all components are clean with the timer being checked to ensure proper operation. Purchasing is easy and you have the option of using Flexirent, a mini-lease program which is quick, easy and affordable.