Big Dipper® Green Grease Solutions


Sustainability must deliver an environmental, social and financial value. Recycling yellow grease from a Big Dipper® Automatic Grease and Oils Removal System has financial value.

The grease is separated at the point of use, therefore grease is only discharged into the grease container and does not include waste water as per conventional grease traps. Unlike a conventional grease trap, which is serviced by employing a specialist grease trap cleaning company, to empty the entire grease trap. The specialist company then uses copious quantities of fresh water during cleaning and after cleaning to refill the grease trap.

This is an environmental burden because of the large quantities of water required for the process and surely for people who live in the driest continent an absurdity!

Conventional grease traps hold brown grease which includes food solids and bacteria, this substance smells and is costly and labour intensive to reuse. A large truck is required for conventional grease traps to be pumped out. A large truck is an environmental burden because they consume fossil fuel.

The Big Dipper® Automatic Grease Trap remove the requirement for for large truck pump outs, which is a sustainable benefit.

Rancid smells from conventional grease traps do not belong within a modern food service facility. Big Dipper® Automatic Grease Traps provide social, clean and sanitary grease removal services which will shall encourage your staff to be part of the sustainability team.

Conventional grease traps are holding tanks for brown grease, food solids and bacteria. Pump outs are not required with Big Dipper® Automatic Grease and Oils Removal Systems. The cost, odour and inconvenience of conventional grease traps are not necessary in a modern food service facility.

Specialist grease trap cleaning companies are happy to continue with cleaning and pump outs. Big Dipper® suggest that you do not continually pay for the above and install Big Dipper® Automatic Grease and Oils Removal Systems that separate grease and water and not you and your money!

This pure yellow grease is suitable for re-use as:-

  • Biodiesel
  • Animal fodder
  • Manufacturing