The Big Dipper® G-Series solves tough free-floating drain water problems by removing and recovering as much as 97.5% of the grease, oils, fats and incidental food solids from kitchen and food processing flows. It helps prevent drain line clogging and protect septic fields and on-site treatment facilities.

The Big Dipper® G Series is designed to meet local ordinances, eliminate expensive sewer charges and avoid the cost of large in-ground grease traps or interceptors.

It utilizes the same basic design used by Big Dipper® systems that have been performance-proven in thousands of facilities across the world.

The G-Series are point source units and are suitable for under bench installations.

We have 2 models in stock, with sizes as follows:

  • G-25-E equal to 3000 litres or 1 - 399 seat/meals per day
  • G-35-E equal to 4000 litres or 400 - 799 seat/meals per day